We are a member owned natural gas distributor incorporated in 1973 to provide natural gas service to the rural customers located in the southwest corner of Alberta. In 2002 we amalgamated with Summerview Gas Co-op and became a larger co-operative with a much larger geographic area (hi-lighted in light green in map).

Chief Mountain Gas Co-op Ltd. provides complete natural gas and plumbing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer free and guaranteed quotes on all your heating and plumbing needs. Check out our Products page for all the Heating and Plumbing products we recommend!

We strive to keep our customers in mind at all times as this is their Co-op. We are currently the lowest priced gas utility in Canada, both fixed rate and variable rate!

Our office is located in Cardston, Alberta at 190 1st Street East. Phone 1-866-653-3011. Fax 403-653-1395. Chief Mountain Photos compliments of Ted Visser, CMGC Customer.

Header Chief Mountain photos by Ted Visser from Boundary Creek, &
Marlene Baier from Taylorville area.



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Toll free complaint line - 
   1 888 279-2422

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John Schneyder, a Board Member for Chief Mountain Gas Co-op has an interesting hobby, he is a giant pumpkin grower and excels at what he does. He won the 2017 Giant Pumpkin Festival in Lethbridge. He hauled another pumpkin to Smokey Lake Great White North Pumpkin Fair and placed 4th there with a whopping 1022lb pumpkin! John has lived and farmed in Magrath all his life and is a great person, husband, and friend to all! If you see him ask him about PUMPKINS, he is eager to share.

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