Gas Billing

Q: How do I set up for email billing?
A: Click here to access the online form. Once it is filled out and sent, we will send you a password.

Q: How do I report my meter reading?
A: Either on return payment stub, phone in, or website online under customer services (click here).

Q: What are the options for payment of our bills?
A: Check or Cash, Direct Debit, Automatic Withdrawal (Form under Customer Service), EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer -

Q: Can I go paperless for billing?
A: Yes, you can sign up under customer services. You will need a current copy of bill with your whole account number starting with 1739.

Q: Why is there a month delay on delivery of gas bills?
A:  Our gas bills are generated based on your meter reading. We cannot bill until gas is used, so billing is one month after your meter is read. eg. July 1st reading, gas bill produced on July 25th, due August 10th.

Q: Why can't I switch from Atco/AltaGas to Chief Mountain?
A: We are all given Alberta Government approved Franchise Areas and we are only allowed to serve those customers within those areas.

Q: When will we be getting electronic meters?
A: The Gas co-op has looked at this option. The Board decided to start process in 2019, all costs for installation are coming out of system upgrading account. There will be no cost to members. Once all installs are completed we will not be asking for readings unless we see a discrepancy on billing. The installation will not interupt supply of gas. On home page of website there is specific information related to the Itron Electronic Reading Technology.

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