New Gas Services

Q: When is the deadline for application for new gas service installation?
A: Deposit must be received by September 15th of current year.

Q: What is the cost to install Natural Gas at my Property?
A:  Residential/Farmer - $7500.00
     Urban - $3000.00
     Commercial - At Cost.
     This installs gas line to property to outlet side of gas meter. Prices do not include GST.

Q: Why should I choose Natural Gas over other energies?
A: Natural Gas is proven to be consistent in heat values and delivery. It is 1/3 the cost of Propane for energy, and 1/4 the cost of Electricity for energy. Wood is still cheaper if you have your own supply, if purchasing then it is twice as much as Natural Gas. Some proven figures just for water heating - Nat Gas - $78.00/year,  Electricity - $474.00/year. Savings amount to $5941.00 over 15 years.

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