Heating & Appliance

Q: Do you do service work on Gas appliances?
A: Yes we have a full staff of qualified trained personnel, and stock for small repairs or complete new homes and small commercial projects.

Q: What is Chief Mountains On Call and overtime policy?
A: If you have a genuine emergency related to gas outage there is no charge. If your call is a minor problem there is a flat $250.00 call out fee, (includes 1 hour labor and travel), Labor at overtime rate charges after first hour, and materials used. We ask customer to determine what is an emergency before calling and if it can wait until regular hours.

Q: Do you charge mileage?
A: We have a policy to charge a flat vehicle/fuel surcharge fee of $40.00 per trip. Emergencies and after hours call out are charged $.75/km

Q: Do you provide Electrician Services?                                                                                                                                                                          A: Yes we have a ticketed electrician on staff to help with your electrical needs.                        



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